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We help you create peaceful surroundings.

We understand what is important to you because we live in communities just like yours. Our communities need to be clean, well manicured and properly maintained to create the serenity that we all desire. In addition to your community’s assigned Portfolio Manager, our team approach to property management provides several additional levels of oversight to help you achieve the peaceful surroundings that you deserve.

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We help you work through the details.

This is the part of your community association management that no one ever thinks about, nor should they. We are working daily behind the scenes addressing the many issues that arise to keep your community running smoothly and in compliance with Florida state laws. Whether fielding questions from your neighbors or directing the Board on community issues, our goal is to guide you to the solutions.

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We help you protect your investment.

We have a long history of providing reliable financial stewardship. Our financial management team has more than 40 years of combined asset management experience focused on communities and associations like yours. Consistent, accurate and secure, we measure our performance in years not months providing value for your association today… and tomorrow.

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Property Management continued…

When it comes to knowing what needs to be done, Sandcastle Community Management is your source for solutions. We offer our partner communities the expertise of 6 Florida certified Community Association Managers, including our Corporate Controller who has been managing community association accounting functions for more than 20 years. In addition, our President and our Senior Portfolio Manager have combined management experience of more than 30 years and continue to share their knowledge of the business with the entire management team.

Administrative Services continued…

Each of our Community Association Managers has undergone the necessary education and testing required to obtain the Florida state certified CAM license. In addition to the required continuing education courses, Sandcastle also requires our Portfolio Managers to regularly attend conferences and seminars presented by law firms, Accountants and professional trade organizations. We are involved daily with attorneys, CPA’s and insurance agents who provide continuous education as we tackle the day-to-day operation of managing our partner associations. We have built relationships with these professionals and are able to call upon them as the situations arise to offer their expertise in their specific fields of service.

Financial Stewardship continued…

We understand that your association’s reputation and credit history are important assets. Unlike many association management companies, your accounts are managed by our corporate controller who is also a licensed CAM Manager. We use only CPA approved accounting practices and our processes are reviewed annually by a Certified Public Accountant to guarantee that we meet the highest standards. Sandcastle’s accounting team provides monthly financial and delinquency reports to ensure that your Board has the information they need to make financial decisions that will impact your community. In addition, each invoice goes through a 3 step review process plus a Board members signature on the final payment. No money ever leaves your associations’ account without your review and approval.

We believe that the greatest joy is found in sharing with others. In the uncertain times in which we live, we recognize the important role our relationship with you plays in creating our success. Sharing that success with others less fortunate strengthens our community and brings joy to both the giver and receiver. Please join us as we support these organizations.

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