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Roofs in the Rainy Season & Beyond

On Air Date : July 22nd 2017

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Guil Geneau

Crown Roofing
Guil Geneau
Crown Roofing - visit website

Crown Roofing was founded out of the realization of the need for a company that could fill an ever-expanding gap in the market. Customers are demanding low pricing but are unwilling to sacrifice service and quality. A leaner, more efficient model was needed and each current owner felt that with their roofing and corporate management experience, along with advances in technology for more streamlined and automated office operations, they could fill this need. Each owner of the organization came to Crown Roofing with unique sets of skills and years of experience in the marketplace.

Crown Roofing has managed multimillion dollar roofing operations for over 10 years and collectively have more than 35 years of roofing and corporate management experience. Crown Roofing services Central, South and Southwest Florida, specializing in new construction, re-roof, maintenance and all of your roof service needs.

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Show Host: Joel Messinger,

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