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Five Dirty Little Secrets: What Your Management Company Will Never Tell You – Secret #2

When choosing a company to manage your Condominium or Home Owners Association, there are several important considerations. But first you need to know the 5 dirty little secrets your management company will never tell you….

#2 “We make money when you use our vendors”

One of the advantages of using a management company to administer and maintain your Association is that they can introduce you to professional and trade service providers such as electricians, plumbers, landscapers, roofers, accountants, engineers and other companies that your Association will need.

Your property management company should provide you with independent, third party service companies; businesses that can be held accountable by the management company and the Board of Directors to provide the highest level of service at competitive rates.

Unfortunately, many vendors are not independent contractors but instead work for the management company…for which some management companies benefit financially. The dirty little secret is that your community is a profit center, and some vendors will “pay” to provide services to your Association.

Some management companies also provide services to your community by pushing their own “in house” service companies on your Association. Often repairs and general maintenance in your community are provided by the management company’s “handy man” or “service technician”, who is allegedly making the repairs at a cost “significantly” below the rate of an outside vendor. Do you believe it? Competition among service vendors produces lower pricing…and when service providers compete for your Association’s business, your community benefits. When there is no competition, you always pay more than you need to.

Sandcastle Community Management has a pure, single focus business plan…we manage Associations. Period. We do not own, operate or have any financial relationship with ANY of the vendors that we work with…and we do not employ any professional or service trades. We are 100% independent of the companies that work at your community. We will not force painters, plumbers, pool companies or handy men on you. The companies that work for your Association are your choice….not ours.

Now you know the 2nd Dirty Little Secret that your management company will never tell you. Stay tuned for Secret #3!